Step-by-step from Entry Level Sales to Your Promotion

Guides from Senior Reps on how to get promoted faster

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Most companies don’t prioritize career paths for entry-level salespeople

We've compiled all the resources and guides that you'll need to take control of your career path and get your company to promote you.

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Proven Templates to Define Your Path

To get where you're going, you'll need a map. And we'll help you build it

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Instructions on getting buy-in from your bosses and executives

A how-to for getting your stakeholders on board with your plan and building accountability

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Save months, if not years

Learn from those who have been there before sinking time into a dead-end path

“I think you are doing BDRs a HUGE favor and I'm very supportive of this."
Testimonial Avatar Brandon Loyfman, BDR, Braze
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You'll know, week over week, what your should be doing to get the promotion you want.

Most BDRs hope that if they hit their number, their career aspirations will come true. Beyond BDR students know that their career aspiration will happen, no matter the roadblock.

  • Get a plan that accounts for roadblocks
  • Leverage what you already know to get ahead
  • Lean on the mentorship of our community
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Get promoted externally, without having to restart your progress

Even if your career plan isn't panning out with your current company, we'll show you how to find companies that will hire you into a better role externally. Better, we'll show you how to use what you already have in order to get you there.

  • No need to restart your career somewhere else
  • Plans to find companies that will "promote externally"
  • Guides from reps who have been in your shoes
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Get promoted within one year or your money back

Follow our advice and plan, and get your money back if it doesn't work out

You get

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A "how-to" plan

We'll guide you through planning the next 5 years of your career

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How you Excel

Your skills today will be leveraged to win over your company

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Where to Improve

Actionable advice on planning for exactly what you need to learn to get promoted

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Interviews From Reps Who've Been There

What went right, what went wrong, and the most common advice for ambitious BDRs

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Finding Promotions Externally

Even if your promotion doesn't work out internaly, you'll have the tools to get hired upwards elsewhere

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Awesome community

Our slack group will provide mentorship from those who have been there and camaraderie with your peers

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You will receive:

The guide, the career templates, and an invite to the slack community

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Want to get started on your path to a better role today?

We'll get you there, read through our guide and get on the right track

You will receive the guide, the career templates, and an invite to the slack community
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